I'm going to Dubai! / by Marleigh Monique


Some of my only regrets in life stem from choosing work over everything else.

There was the time I chose work over tickets to see The Late Show with David Letterman, who has since retired. Our current presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was a guest on the show that day.

Then there was the time I had to receive my furniture when I was suddenly called in to fulfill hostess duties at my former job. As there are delivery fees, I lost money by choosing work that day.

Let’s not forget about the time traveling solo in San Francisco when I was invited on a car trip along the Big Sur by my hostel suitemate. Since I had to return to work, I turned down the offer.

I tend to be so focused on making money that I am sometimes unable to enjoy life.

Today I booked a flight to Dubai. A friend of mine recently booked a mistake fare and was going to cancel if she was unable to find a travel buddy. Although I figured it would be a slim chance I could go (due to work constraints, finances, etc.), I submitted my vacation request anyway. Approved!

I’m going to Dubai!